Episode 8

Published on:

21st Feb 2021

Should you join the crew of Star Trek?

Ever dreamed of boldly going where no man has gone before?

Are you ready to be beamed up?

This podcast I explore the world of Star Trek and whether it is a good idea to join their crew.

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About the Podcast

Supernatural Choices
This podcast reviews the pros and cons of being a supernatural being in our modern world.
This podcast will review the pros and cons of being a fictional supernatural being in our modern world. We will explore everything from does it make sense being a vampire, ghost, Jedi, or JoJo stands in our modern world. I will also review whether it makes sense to go into a fictional world such as Skyrim, Harry potter, or Valhalla.

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Joseph Mallett

I am a passionate fan of all things spooky, supernatural, science fiction, superheroes, and anime. I like all formats including books, tv, movies, streaming.